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Hiyama Kiyoteru 'Kiyo' or 'Teru' (氷山 キヨテル)
Vocaloid2 Created by: AH Software


Looks about 29; Activated December 4th 2009


Robotic androids had been fictionalized for years, spurring on scientists and college students with big dreams to create the perfect human replica. First came dummy robots, merely exoskeletons of rubber skin and pre-programmed responses. Then they began writing code that would enable the robots to respond intelligently. It was the first few steps to creating a full AI within the body of a humanoid robot.

First the robot's responses and movements were limited. Kokoro, a Japanese company in Osaka developed the Actroid. Made to look like a young Japanese woman, she could move her upper body and respond to spoken, visual, and touch based information. A mere eight years after being unveiled at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, the Actroid went on the public market. But due to her design which left almost all of her main computing and mechanical apparatus outside of her casing, the Actroid was confined to sitting or standing.

Ever in development, Kokoro and other companies worked to refine Actroid's technologies in order to refine her movements, software, and marketability. Years passed and technology got better. Actroid's AI reached the point where it really was almost human. Her parts were made small enough to fit within her casing and the first fully functional androids were created. Some companies focused on using the Actroids for business secretaries, while an enterprising company named Crypton Future Media Inc. from Sapporo, Japan decided to create a new generation of idols.

They were called VOCALOIDS and the first new age diva was MEIKO, launched in November of 2004. Crypton continued to be the leader in creating these mechanical singers, but sold the rights to other companies once they were certain of their own success. Various other companies tried to steal the secrets over the years, resulting in the creation of UTAU. A lesser quality android prone to malfunction and poor results.

Kiyoteru was developed by one of the legitimate companies, AH-Software, based in Tokyo, Japan. AHS Co. initially entered the ring with the intent of making androids with highly developed speech patterns, to be used for teaching languages. They would be a majour step up from the Actroids, and would be able to move, think, and speak just like any human would be able to. And most importantly be completely sentient with their own individual personalities. Thus they created the VOICEROIDS, Tsukiyomi Ai and Shouta. Though seeing the market for VOCALOIDS and how they had managed to gain an enormous fanbase over the previous six years, AHS Co. did not stop with the VOICEROIDS. They developed three VOCALOIDS to release with the VOICEROIDS, Miki, Kaai Yuki, and Hiyama Kiyoteru.

AHS Co. activated all five new androids on December 4th 2009 with high hopes. However developers at AHS Co. did not realize that one of the interns had been experimenting with Kiyoteru before his activation. In addition, the AHS Co. VOCALOIDS and the VOICEROIDS were slightly different in their interior designs from VOCALOIDS made by other companies. AHS Co. decided to house their units' AI within the Kokoro shell that also housed the main power supply for the units. Unlike other companies which had housed the AI software in the unit's hard drive, ie their positronic brain. This was to prevent the loss of core personality, voice, and intuitive data, should the hard drive ever be damaged. Though, because of this difference, one of the interns working on the project discovered that there was enough virtual memory to divide the hard drive and run two different operating systems. AHS Co.'s units also used two methods to recharge their units. A basic AC cord could be run from a panel on the unit's left arm and be plugged into the wall. Or the unit could recharge via hundreds of tiny solar energy collecting and converting panels laid into the the unit's outer skin.

Since Kiyoteru had been developed as a VOCALOID that could teach, learn, play instruments and sing, splitting his processing power, and his memory began to affect his personality development. It wasn't apparent at first, but after a few months, AHS Co. began to see differences in the Kiyoteru that taught, and the Kiyoteru that preformed. The teacher, who they began referring to as Kiyo, was soft spoken, and a little shy. He was good at math and enjoyed helping out little Yuki. Teru on the other hand, the singer and bass player, was competitive with the other VOCALOIDS, had a strong stage presence and could be very aggressive. Neither Kiyo or Teru could access the other's memories, and the shift between them was often impossible to catch, and seemed random. AHS Co. tried to find a way to combine Kiyo and Teru's memories so that it would create one entity, but by the time they tried, the split had also spread to the AI encoding. This meant that the software coding for the AI recognized Kiyo and Teru as separate entities and adapted to situations as such. In order to fix the problem, they would have to wipe Kiyoteru's hard drive and reboot his AI software.

Kiyo and Teru both agreed that they didn't want to lose the experiences they had already had, even if it meant they were a little strange. So, reluctantly AHS Co. decided to let them be. Kiyo took up a job as a music teacher, while Teru played with fellow VOCALOIDS Kaito and Gakupo in a band called Blue Mountain. Because of Kiyo's teaching job, Kiyoteru stayed in Tokyo, restricting Teru to only playing on the weekends. This however helped AHS Co. in the aspect that Kiyoteru could watch over Yuki during the week. The two became fairly close, even Teru, who had disliked her at first soon treated her as if she were his little sister. AHS Co. gave Kiyoteru and Yuki an apartment together in the company's housing unit. And Kiyoteru took over Yuki's care.

Kiyo fell into an easy and fairly mundane routine, with Teru seemingly filling in the gaps. The two of them began to create a list of triggers for their personality switch, as well as keeping a written diary of things that had happened for the other. It soon became clear that while Kiyo dominated the time he spent at school, and Teru dominated any time spent playing and preforming with the other VOCALOIDS, they shared things like their time with Yuki. They decided, or rather Teru prompted Kiyo into agreeing with him, not to tell anyone that didn't already know about their split personality. Teru thought it would be a fun game, while Kiyo worried it would just confuse people, but went along with his other self.

Less than a year after AHS Co.'s first VOCALOIDS had been activated, they activated their fourth VOCALOID, Nekomura Iroha. She was built to look like a little girl like Yuki, but was definitely more out going. Kiyo welcomed her to the family openly, however, Teru kept his distance. Apart from Yuki, Kaito and Gakupo, Kiyoteru didn't really seek out friendships with the other VOCALOIDS finding it difficult to keep up with his own schedules, and take care of Yuki, let alone find time to spend with the others who were all equally busy.


Kiyo is soft spoken and always tries to present himself with a kind expression and a calm demeanor. He enjoys teaching more than anything, and while he does still like to play instruments and sing, teaching is much more rewarding for him. Kiyo is also the quote 'serious' one of the two personalities. While he does have a sense of humor, he tries to be professional and adult at all times. He's also the peace keeper of the two, and will try to find solutions or compromises to any problems that come up. He has an even temper, and tries to see all sides of something before making a decision.

Kiyo dresses conservatively, normally in slacks, a button down and a jacket and tie. He almost always wears his glasses, which are only aesthetic, but he feels gives him a move approachable look. He's easily embarrassed and flustered by things and is a little uncomfortable around vivacious women especially. He prides himself in being polite, and does as much damage control for Teru as possible. When he does get angry, its normally at something Teru has done, or agreed to. It's the quiet kind of angry, and luckily doesn't last long.

Kiyo enjoys simplicity, and routine. He doesn't mind things that are 'boring' or 'monotonous', understanding that they have their place just like things that are more exciting. As such he does most of the housework and chores. He's an early riser and always has breakfast on the table waiting for Yuki when she gets up for school.

Teru is much more aggressive than Kiyo. He normally takes his glasses off, which is one of the easiest ways to tell the two of them apart. While Kiyo loves to teach, Teru lives to preform. He loves the stage, belting out songs, and playing his bass guitar. Teru also tends to be more of a night owl and enjoys going to clubs and bars to play. He has a 'better than you' attitude, that constantly stirs up annoyance and sometimes trouble, that stems from his confidence in his performance skills. Teru can seem a little 'wild', being loud, unpredictable, and even obnoxious at times. He'll often come off as rude, and doesn't tend to like new people, thinking they may not like him if they find out about his 'other self'.

Teru is much more likely to end up in a fist fight. Though it doesn't happen often. He can be intimidating when he wants to be, but is mostly all talk. He'd rather not get into fights unless he absolutely has to. Knowing that Kiyo would be pissed, and Yuki would worry about him. He has an arrogant sort of charm that is very put offish, but he doesn't seem to mind. He thinks that if one of them is going to snag a girl, it would be Kiyo (though he does hope it's a sexy librarian). Teru does like to tease Kiyo from time to time. Though this is only possible through their shared diary, and off hand comments that rarely make sense to anyone else. He's much more outgoing than Kiyo, and willing to make mistakes. Though not 'fearless', he enjoys a thrill and wouldn't turn down a chance to try something new. He's a lot like a 20-something college student who just left home in a lot of ways.

He likes to dress like a 'rock star', and finds Kiyo's wardrobe rather boring. Actually he finds a lot about Kiyo boring.

...and yes it seems Teru has to make commentary on Kiyo all the time. I believe he feels slightly inferior. Kiyo agrees with this assessment.

Kiyoteru (ie: similarities)
Both Kiyo and Teru care a lot for Yuki, who is possibly their closest friend. When they are working, they both are focused and professional about it. They both enjoy writing music, though Kiyo's tastes fall more in classical music and soft rock, while Teru's are hard and punk rock. Both are not afraid to speak their mind if they believe someone is being hurt, or taken advantage of.

 Having few friends, they both treat what friends they do have with respect and would do anything to protect them. While at first Kiyo and Teru did not exactly get along, they both agreed that to be able to function, and to stay 'alive' so to speak, they needed each other. 'Putting up with each other' lead to something of a friendship that exists through their notes to each other. They've come to an agreement that even though Teru is the more aggressive of them, Kiyo was the target personality, and that Teru is merely a result of what Kiyoteru would have needed in order to be competitive with the other company's VOCALOIDS.


Koromon <- Hakase Agumon -> Geo Greymon -> Rize Greymon -> Shine Greymon

Hakase is mute. Whether this is some choice or if she cannot speak at all, she will never explain. Instead she writes on an electronic erase board (like a dry erase and an etch-a-sketch put together, but electronic). Despite being mute, Hakase is very energetic. She uses great gesticulations and flailing to get people's attention or help explain her current point. She isn't bothered by her muteness, and is happy most of the time and more than willing to help out. Sometimes she gets overly excited, or energetic which is seen as annoying by many. However, some find her antics more amusing than anything.

All of Hakase's emotions are played out in giant arm motions, though she also loves to act out stories. Unfortunately, her talents do not correspond to a talent for charades. She prefers to perform other people's stories, or listen to them, than create her own material.

She is a bit of a loner, because of her muteness. But that doesn't stop her from being sweet and friendly to anyone she meets. (It also takes a lot to get rid of her once she's latched on.) Hakase doesn't get along with her fellow Agumon very well, but she doesn't let that stop her from living a full life away from her village. She deals with animosity by brushing it off. And she deals with full out attacks by first: trying to avoid them, and second: trying to write her way out of them. She doesn't really like confrontation, and would rather just pretend she was never confronted at all. Even with her optimistic attitude the thought of having to problem solve just gives her the willies.


Kiyoteru was programmed to be a teacher as well as a performer. He knows the ins and outs of music, its composition, and styles. He is comfortable playing or teaching any instrument, though his favourite is the bass (electric bass guitar or acoustic stand up). He is also a great singer, though he doesn't normally give voice lessons. His next best subject is math, which comes from both his innately programmed knowledge of music and computers.

Kiyo isn't much of a fighter, but Teru occasionally gets into fist fights, which he ends up getting out of by either sneaking away, or overpowering the other person. He doesn't age, and if his parts are damaged, they are fairly easy to fix. He was programmed to be able to repair minor and cosmetic damage himself. However for any majour work, like replacing large segments of the metal casing he would need the help of someone else, or for another person to do the work for him. He is unable to fix any problems with his programming by himself however, since it requires him to be shut off, his programming downloaded to another computer, then gone over and fixed before re-uploading it.

He appears completely human on the outside, except for the seams in his outer skin. His outer skin peels away to reveal various ports and access panels. He does not have to sleep, rather he recharges by either plugging himself into an outlet or by recharging via solar panels embedded in his skin. He can eat and drink just like any human. And is a fair cook. However unlike a human he does not need to eat to continue to function. Instead, eating and drinking is a novelty that Kiyo enjoys, and Teru uses to get buzzed on copious amounts of alcohol.

Because AHS Co. decided to house their units AI drives in the Kokoro module, it cut off any chance of the AI software being able to use the main HD (brain) as a backup memory storage. Since Kiyoteru's HD was partitioned to run two different operating systems, which then created two sides to his AI software, he has twice as much data building up on his AI drive. In addition to that, his AI drive is housed right next to not only his main power source, but the largest heat producer in his body. Not foreseeing this sort of thing happening to any of their units, AHS Co. did not think to upgrade Kiyoteru after he was activated and this problem became known. Over time, Kiyoteru's AI drive will not only start to fill up with the extra data of a second personality, but it will begin to overheat and malfunction. An upgrade (larger AI drive, with a thicker outer casing to protect from the heat, as well as additional cooling measures) should solve this problem when and if it arises.




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